Pet Skin Condition Bathe in Springfield, TN

Bathing is an important responsibility for pet owners. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to keep on top of your furry friend’s hygiene by yourself. That’s why Cross Plains Kennels offers total bathing services. From nail clipping for your cat to a thorough dog wash in Springfield, TN, we’ll help you stay on top of your pet’s hygienic needs. Our abilities include:

Bathing a dog

  • Bathing

    Rolling in the mud isn’t the only excuse to give your dog a bath! Your pooch needs a routine scrub down to prevent matting and to clean debris out of their fur, to prevent skin irritation. We bathe your dog from head to toe with gentle care.

  • Nail Trimming

    We carefully clip and trim your dog or cat’s nails to keep them manageable and safe. Long nails not only scratch floors, furniture and clothes, they can hurt your pet’s paw pads if they grow too long.

  • Ear Cleaning

    To prevent bacteria buildup or mites from nesting, it’s important to have your pet’s ears gently cleaned every once in a while. We can take care of this task with care, to keep your cat or dog happy and comfortable.

  • Gland Expression

    Is your dog scooting around the floor? Is your cat leaving marks where it sits? These are indicative of the need for anal gland expression. Expression of these glands will get buildups out of the glands before they become infected and painful. Your furry friend will feel so much better!

  • Special Considerations

    Does your pet have sensitive skin or a chronic wellness problem that affects their hygiene? We gladly take these things into consideration. We can provide services such as medicated baths or gentle cleanings, to help your pet feel better without causing them any discomfort along the way.

Regular Bath$25
Medicated Bath$40
Flea/Tick Bath$40

Let Cross Plains Kennels provide your pet with the comprehensive bathing services they need to look and feel their best. Schedule a conditioning bath appointment today by calling 615-654-3647.