Dog Boarding in Springfield, TN

When you’re going away—whether it’s for a few days or a few weeks—you want to know your dog is being well cared for. Instead of choosing the cheapest kennel or the one nearest to your home, make sure you’re taking a close look at how a dog sitter in Springfield, TN is going to treat your pup while you’re gone.

At Cross Plains Kennels, we’re highly respected throughout the area as the best place for pet boarding in Springfield, TN. Not only will we take the best possible care of your dog while they’re with us, we’ll also make sure they’re happy, comfortable and excited throughout their stay. From dogs with special needs, to antisocial dogs, to those who need constant exercise and attention, we welcome every pup!

Dogs are independently housed (not mixed or socialized with other dogs) unless the owner requests this.

German Shepherd with puppy

Inside Boarding – $35/Night

We have indoor boarding accommodations during peak seasons, to make sure your dog is living in the lap of luxury no matter what the weather is. Each unit is a 5’x5’ air-conditioned and heated space with a doggie door that leads out to an 8’x5’ pen outside. Every kennel is immaculately cleaned and well-maintained.

Walking a Yellow Labrador

Outside Boarding – $30/Night

In addition to indoor units with outside access, we also have full outside enclosures for the more temperate months of the year. Outside pens have a sunshade and dog house, giving your dog indoor amenities alongside fresh, outdoor air.

Indoor Cat Boarding – $15/Night


When they’re not in their individual kennel, dogs will have plenty of opportunities to get out and exercise and socialize with other dogs (if applicable). Our facilities are situated on huge swaths of land that we’ve divided up into three play lots, each a quarter of acre. Your dog will be able to run and frolic to their heart’s content, burning off energy and staying in good spirits.

At Cross Plains Kennels, we treat your dog like our own: as a friend. We don’t just shut them in a kennel—we talk to them, walk them, pet them, feed them and make sure they know they’re loved. Give your pup the best possible care while you’re away and board with us. Just call 615-654-3647 to reserve a space.