Dog Training in Springfield, TN

Teaching a dog to heel

A well-trained dog is a well-behaved dog and one that will listen to you as you give commands. Whether you’re getting a jump on training a new puppy or trying to teach and old dog new tricks, Cross Plains Kennels is here to help. Owner Ronald Cope has more than 50 years of dog obedience training in Springfield, TN!

Basic Commands

Getting the basics down right is the most important aspect of successful dog training. It’s why all puppy training classes in Springfield, TN start with the same commands. And, at Cross Plains Kennels, the basics are our chief focus when it comes to training your dog to be on its best behavior. Commands we focus on include:

  • Sit

    We’ll make sure your pup knows how to take a seat wherever and whenever you tell them to.

  • Stay

    If you don’t want your pup to follow you or keep moving, “stay” is a command that comes in handy!

  • Down

    If you need your dog to lay down, this command will let them know. It’s great for bedtime!

  • Come

    If you want your dog to come to your side, such as at the dog park or at home, this command will summon them.

  • Heel

    On walks, heel is the best way to make sure your dog maintains a pace that’s consistent with yours.

  • Off

    This command helps teach your dog that it’s unacceptable to jump up when greeting people or improper to be on the furniture.

  • No

    Perhaps the most important command we teach, “no” will make sure your dog stops exactly what it’s doing right away.

We can also work with owners to help them teach their dog specific commands or phrases that help them control their pet. Training is positive for both dogs and owners, making it important for both to be involved in the process.

Train Your Dog

From new pups to adults who need a refresher course, Cross Plains Kennels will gladly provide your dog with the training it needs to be well-behaved and compliant. Contact us today at 615-654-3647 to set up a training schedule.